We Are All Born To Dance!

Most people don't dance because they're afraid to look stiff or silly. 
Whether you've always wanted to dance or just feel it's time to take charge,
man or woman, single or couple, old or young, even "two left feet", we will help you learn to hear the music and confidently take a partner to the floor.

Swing & Sway Dancing offers Ballroom dance instruction by nationally recognized teachers.  We feature private lessons, group classes, shows, competitions, and social events.  We teach everything from romantic waltz
to sexy cha-cha.  Are you preparing for your wedding or a specific social event?  We'll choreograph a dance to your special song!  Ballroom dancing offers a unique opportunity to connect with your partner, have fun ...and remember... it's also great excercise!

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The Benefits of Dancing Lessons Include:

  • Lose Weight
  • Have Fun!          
  • Relieve Stress
  • Improve Posture and Flexibility
  • Tone Muscle
  • Gain Social Confidence
  • Spice Up Your Relationship!
Upcoming Events...

Friday, March 14
Sequence Warm-Up 6:30-7:00PM
Dance Party 7-9:00PM
Join us for this evening of fun and dancing at the studio.  Open to the public, no partner or experience necessary.  We hope you'll join us!!!
At Swing & Sway Dancing's Studio
143 Maverick Street, Rockland
Questions? (207)594-0940
In addition to Ballroom dance instruction, Swing & Sway collaborates with local instructors to offer many other forms of dance and exercise. 
* Latin Belly Dancing with Nathifa Shakti
* Zumba with Amanda Strong
* Johnny T's Salsa Night
For more information on these oppurtunities, please click here

143 Maverick Street
Rockland , ME 04841
(207) 594-0940
What we offer at Swing & Sway...

In a Private Lesson, the focus is on you: learn what you want, when you want to, all under the expert, one-on-one guidance of your teacher.

Group Classes are a great opportunity to learn new steps and patterns in a fun, social environment. You and a group of people with one instructor!

We turn down the lights, turn up the music  and create the ultimate party atmosphere.  Open to the public, no partner or previous experience is necessary!!

Showcase is a dance performance created by our teachers and their students-- dancers just like yourself!  It is an opportunity to learn and create a dance of your own, then perform it on stage!!
If you like to watch Dancing with the Stars, why not try it yourself!? Competition is the most challenging yet most exciting way to advance your dancing skills!!

Refresher group class, a review for those who wish to brush up on their technique or for those wanting to add new moves to their repertoire.  We do a different dance style every month!

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